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Michael Tippett is a 2 time Emmy nominee & has been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades. He founded, managed  and sold a number of technology companies in New York and Vancouver.

This site showcases explorations, experiments, prototypes, and observations on current technology, with a specific focus on AI and its impact on the business and practice of media.

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bow wow and beyond

An AI inspired e-commerce platform where Hans and Inga’s designs come to life.

maximum perception

An experimental film featuring the musings of Dr. Mo Zhao, created using AI.

other ai experiments

Short films, prototypes and experiments using AI to generate video and films.

AI Film & Video: News & Analysis

By Michael Tippett

  • Indian Voters Bombarded With Millions of Deepfakes, Approved by Political Candidates

    A new article in Wired highlights the dangers that AI poses in any upcoming election. India’s elections are offering a glimpse into the AI-driven future of democracy, where politicians are increasingly using audio and video deepfakes to reach voters. These deepfakes, approved by the candidates themselves, present a new challenge as voters may not realize…

  • Exploring the Future of Warfare: An AI Film on the B-21 Stealth Bomber

    Today I created an experimental AI film about the US Air Force’s B-21 Stealth Bomber. This project was driven by the latest news about the B-21’s recent test flight. The goal was to see how quickly I could produce a film that reflects current events. In addition to the usual tools I also made use…

  • Investment in Generative AI

    Rapid Growth in Funding The generative AI industry has witnessed a surge in venture capital funding in recent years, attracting over $26 billion in investments over the last five years. This rapid growth in funding highlights the increasing interest and confidence of investors in the potential of generative AI technologies. Significant Early-Stage Investment Early-stage investment…

  • RunwayML’s new Lip Sync Tool is a Game Changer

    THE MINE, by Michael Tippett using RunwayML’s new Lip Sync feature One of the biggest challenges in creating films using AI is crafting realistic conversations. It’s incredibly difficult to generate scenes with any emotional subtlety, as AI often struggles to capture the nuances of human interaction. This complexity becomes even more apparent in dialogue-heavy scenes,…

  • AI on the Lot

    Over over 800 innovators, artists, and professionals in the AI space gathered last week in Los Angeles to explore the ways in which AI and film will intersect in the future. Here is a write up of the event. Some of the more notable attendees included: Kathryn Brillhart Kathryn Brillhart is a Cinematographer, Director, and…

  • Using AI to Understand Art and Design History

    One of the most useful and least discussed features of Midjourney is its ability to describe an image. You can upload any image and it will tell you what it is and decompose its elements. Its like having the world’s greatest art historian teaching you art history. For example, Midjourney describes this image in the…

  • Using AI to Recreate History, Personal or Otherwise

    Film makers are starting to use generative AI to recreate historical accounts of past events. One of the most impressive is Somme Requiem. The film recounts the Christmas Day truce in 1914. I grew up in Johannesburg as a kid but there are many things I remember that were not captured in photos let alone…

  • AI Tools for Video Creation

    Recently I created a short 10 minute film using the most current AI tools. The objective was to test the potential and limitations of these tools and see if you could make an actual film. The result was called Maximum Perception. Other, more experienced film makers have created movies using these tools and some of…