The Surreal Aesthetic of AI-Generated Sporting Events

AI generated MMA. See the full video here. Credit: Guillaume Hurbault

Artificial Intelligence is poised to disrupt Hollywood and as I’ve said earlier, the AI revolution will not only challenge the current production processes but is also likely to introduce entirely new aesthetic forms which promise to be really weird.

As the tools for creating AI video allow for longer and longer clips, AI filmmakers are using them to generate whole new experimental, entertainment experiences. I’ve tried a few myself and the results are as unexpected as you might expect.

When the Weirdness is Olympic

The same approach is now being applied to sports and let me tell you, some of these games are real nail biters. In these depictions, bodies often merge in the wrestling ring, balls mysteriously appear and disappear on the basketball court, and the overall game frequently makes no sense by conventional standards. Yet, despite these bizarre occurrences, AI somehow manages to capture the drama and excitement of the sport in a way that is both surreal and hilarious. Several filmmakers have put out early experimental football, basketball games and MMA contests.

These early experiments in AI sports reveal a unique and emerging aesthetic. The surreal nature of AI-rendered events, where the rules of reality seem to bend and break, creates an unexpectedly engaging experience. The spectacle of athletes blending into one another, coupled with the erratic movement of objects, provides a form of entertainment that is strangely compelling and, in some ways, more entertaining than the real thing.

As AI continues to develop and refine its capabilities, we can expect similar innovations to infiltrate the realm of filmmaking. The future of cinema may well be characterized by these new, surreal aesthetics, where the traditional boundaries of storytelling and visual representation are pushed to their limits.