The Best AI Filmmakers in the World

We are in the early stages of AI filmmaking, a burgeoning field that is rapidly gaining traction and revolutionizing how we create and consume cinematic content. Early talent is emerging, showcasing innovative uses of AI to tell compelling stories and produce stunning visuals. Here we celebrate the pioneering filmmakers who deserve recognition for their contributions to this new frontier in cinema.

New organizations like Curious Refuge, AI Films, and zero1cine are at the forefront of this movement, curating and collecting AI-generated films to showcase the potential of this technology.

In addition, AI film festivals are popping up all over the world, providing platforms to identify and celebrate emerging talent. These festivals are crucial in fostering a community of AI filmmakers and bringing their work to a broader audience.

The mainstream film industry is also beginning to take notice of AI’s potential. Cannes, one of the most prestigious film festivals, recently highlighted AI’s role in the future of filmmaking. This recognition from such a significant industry player underscores the growing importance and legitimacy of AI in cinema.

The Best AI Filmmakers

This list of AI filmmakers is by no means complete. We invite you to nominate other talented individuals or suggest any corrections if you spot any errors. As AI filmmaking continues to evolve, so will this list.

Here we profile a diverse array of filmmakers who are revolutionizing the cinematic landscape. Among the standout figures is Caleb Ward, famed for his viral hit “Star Wars by Wes Anderson” and his influential work at Curious Refuge, alongside Daniel Antebi, whose award-winning film “Get Me Out” skillfully merges live action with AI-generated footage. The piece also shines a spotlight on Dave Clark’s AI-driven sci-fi short “NinjaPunk” and Aze Alter’s dystopian “Capitol of Conformity,” each filmmaker showcasing unique contributions to AI-enhanced storytelling.

In addition to individual profiles, we explore the collaborative efforts like “Barbenheimer” by Ward and “The Last Artist” by Dustin Hollywood. We look at various AI-powered projects, from Abel Art’s historically inspired “The Prometheus Expedition” and Oliver McCann’s visually stunning “Symbol II,” to Bill Maursky’s rich visual montages and Christian Beltrami’s lifelike city portraits. These filmmakers are pioneering a new era in cinema, demonstrating the vast potential of AI to craft compelling and innovative narratives.

The Nobody Collective

The Nobody Collective, founded by the trailblazing artist and AI enthusiast known as Nobody, is dedicated to exploring the fusion of artificial intelligence and artistic expression. With the backing of patrons, Nobody aims to make AI filmmaking accessible to all. Their work on their Youtube channel is some of the most entertaining AI film on the Internet.

Set in a future where robots have taken over significant roles in society, the film follows Robert, a former aspiring singer now working as an accountant. As robots become more integrated into daily life, Robert loses his job, his girlfriend, and his connection to his band. Determined to revive his passion for music, he disguises himself as ROBORT, a robot singer, and rapidly achieves fame. When his true identity as a human is exposed, it ignites a renewed interest in human musicians, turning Robert into an unexpected hero. The film explores themes of resilience, identity, and the human spirit in the face of advancing technology.

Dave Clark

Dave Clark is well known in the field as someone who consistently produces high quality work. He is a UTA-represented film director and has been featured on Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter, Adage, NBC, and No Film School.

“NinjaPunk,” an AI-driven sci-fi short, masterfully combines traditional filmmaking techniques with cutting-edge AI-augmented footage. The film stands out for its great storytelling and visually rich presentation, delivering an engaging sci-fi superhero narrative that captivates from start to finish.

Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward is an LA-based AI filmmaker and educator who has quickly risen to prominence through his innovative work at Curious Refuge. Initially gaining viral fame with “Star Wars by Wes Anderson,” Caleb has become a significant voice in AI storytelling. He has contributed to the growth of several artist education platforms, with his students achieving notable accolades such as Academy Awards and Emmys. His work has been featured on many major news outlets, including the New York Times, CNBC, Billboard, and Forbes.

Curious Refuge, where Caleb plays a pivotal role, is a groundbreaking organization dedicated to enhancing storytelling through modern tools. They have created the world’s first online AI filmmaking course and produced viral AI film trailers, highlighting the future of storytelling. A notable project from Curious Refuge is the “Barbenheimer” trailer, a parody mashup created in collaboration with Mike Fink and additional creative input from Shelby Ward. This project exemplifies the technical precision and humor that characterize Caleb’s work, further establishing him as a leader in the AI filmmaking community.

Daniel Antebi

“Get Me Out,” directed by Daniel Antebi and a winner at the AIFF, offers an original blend of live action and AI-generated footage. The film tells the story of a man trapped within the confines of his home, struggling with his inner demons, which are creatively depicted as supernatural beings, a narrative device that effectively highlights the protagonist’s psychological turmoil.

The film’s innovative combination of traditional and AI-generated techniques provides a fresh take on psychological horror. Overall, Antebi’s film is a noteworthy addition to contemporary cinema, showcasing the potential of integrating advanced technology with storytelling.

Dave Villalva

a 7-time filmmaker and father of two, expertly crafts narratives by blending the art of AI with the science of storytelling.

Dave Villalva’s,”The Lens of Time” is an evocative AI short film that creatively serves as a how-to guide on time travel. Its clever concept is brought to life through the effective use of AI, which crafts an emotional montage for the audience.

Emeric Leprince

“Animitas,” directed by Emeric Leprince, is a mysterious short film set in the desolate landscapes of the Chilean desert. The film masterfully combines spooky, nuanced imagery with a somber and haunting narrative. The authenticity of each image is emphasized (although it remains ambiguous whether the events depicted are real) adding an intriguing layer of mystique. Despite the lack of motion or action, Leprince’s subtle editing skills and cinematic lighting showcase a high level of craftsmanship, effectively using shadows and light to evoke a deep sense of eeriness.


GioM’s “ONE OF US” delivers a moody atmosphere, enhanced by a beautiful and melodic soundtrack. The film’s clever use of perspective, seen through the eyes of a child, adds a unique and engaging layer to the storytelling. Despite the inherent challenges of AI-generated content, “ONE OF US” manages to create surprisingly emotionally resonant moments, drawing viewers into its haunting narrative. The movie skillfully navigates the limitations of AI technology, particularly in its dialogue, ensuring a convincing viewing experience.

Jeff Synthesized

“The Unexpected” by Jeff Synthesized is a striking AI-powered short film that showcases exceptional technical skills and creativity. Created entirely on a laptop, this short takes viewers on a visually engaging journey by placing the new Tesla truck in a Mad Max-inspired world. The film’s cinematic quality and innovative use of motion graphics make it a standout piece, demonstrating the potential of AI in film production.

Despite being a non-commissioned piece intended for research and educational purposes, “The Unexpected” captivates with its high production values and imaginative concept.

Johans Saldana Guadalupe & Katie Luo

“Dear Mom” by Johans Saldana Guadalupe and Katie Luo is an evocative short film that combines abstract imagery with a nostalgic quality to tell the touching story of a daughter and her mother. The film’s quick edits and montage style give it a dynamic pace, while also creating a sense of intimacy and emotion akin to a photo essay.

Visually, “Dear Mom” is reminiscent of a watercolor painting, with its fluid transitions and soft, dreamlike aesthetics. This innovative approach results in a moving tribute to familial bonds, blending art and storytelling in a uniquely compelling way.

John Semerad

“A Tree Once Grew Here” by John Semerad is an animated fantasy set in a dark, lifeless landscape, effectively conveying a post-apocalyptic mood through its skillful motion effects and haunting soundtrack. The film’s fairy tale-esque narrative is enriched by the technically challenging yet masterfully executed movement of the characters, demonstrating the value of traditional filmmaking skills in the realm of AI-augmented storytelling.

With a cinematic illustration style and a large team supporting its creation, “A Tree Once Grew Here” effectively blends traditional storytelling with innovative AI techniques.

Julie Wieland

“THE HONEYMOON PHASE” is one of Julie Wieland’s many AI short films made with Midjourney and Pika Labs, showcasing her innovative approach to filmmaking. The film features a sweet love story set against a twangy soundtrack, blending classic style with a combination of color and black-and-white shots. This unique aesthetic highlights Julie’s ability to merge traditional and modern techniques, creating visually captivating and emotionally resonant narratives.

Julien Cocquerel

Julien, co-founder of the French digital agency Castor & Pollux, shifted from a 15-year advertising career with major brands to focus entirely on AI-generated creation and filmmaking.

“The Trap,” an AI war film, captivates viewers with its trailer about The Great War, featuring impressive and evocative visuals. The narrative, delivered by a compelling narrator, vividly recounts a wartime attack with striking images of trench warfare. The short film offers a powerful and immersive depiction of historical conflict, blending innovation with classic storytelling techniques.

Junie Lau

Junie Lau’s “e^(iπ) + 1 = 0” offers an intriguing blend of AI and live-action elements, supported by a large crew and professional production values. The film’s use of Gaussian splats to create unique visuals effectively conveys the illusory nature of the universe, playing with notions of space in a novel way. The film succeeds in pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of reality.

Léo Cannone

“Where Do Grandmas Go When They Get Lost?” by Léo Cannone is a heartwarming tale narrated by a little girl, exploring the whimsical places grandmas might wander off to. With its simple composition and straightforward storytelling, the film offers beautiful imagery and a tender narrative. Cannone’s story invites audiences to reflect on family bonds and the loving adventures imagined through a child’s eyes.

Odair Faleco

Odair Faleco is an AI filmmaker and UX lead dedicated to integrating AI technologies into the creative industry, empowering brands like McDonald’s, Volkswagen, and Samsung to enhance their workflows. He is also the founder of zero1cine, the first curated AI movie database.

Green Hackers is an original, tropical, and dystopian story written by Odair Faleco and Max Tango during the pandemic in 2021, now transformed into a multi-episode AI Web Series, thanks to AI and zero1cine Originals.

Set in the year 2224, the story draws analogies to the struggles of Brazil’s indigenous tribes against illegal land demarcation, greed, and political corruption. Overcrowded, dying cities push people toward the remaining wild forests, but natural inhabitants and protectors, the Green Hackers, use the power of the forest, wisdom, and technology to defend their territory. This universe, meticulously crafted with detailed maps, tribes, and symbols, blends nature, technology, and social causes, offering a unique and exotic narrative. Directed, edited, and sound designed by Odair Faleco, with concept art by Gil Tokio, and produced by, Green Hackers merges cultural elements with contemporary discussions and sci-fi passion.

Machine Mythos

Machine Mythos is a collaborative group of film makers.

“The Last Odyssey,” packs an impressive array of visuals into its 10-minute runtime, which is notably long for the genre. The film follows a group of astronauts on an alien planet who discover that the final frontier is not what they expected. The use of motion is exceptional, creating a dynamic and engaging experience, while a haunting soundtrack enhances the eerie atmosphere. Utilizing generative AI’s slippery aesthetic, the film effectively generates images of alien monsters, adding to its otherworldly and unsettling vibe.

Nicolas Neubert

Nicolas Neubert is redefining future storytelling using AI in collaboration with Runway. He has worked with and been featured by prestigious brands like Red Bull, Volkswagen, Forbes, and CNN.

“POLARIS – A GEN:48 Short Film” is a captivating exploration of a dystopian future set in Antarctica, humanity’s final refuge in a world where fresh water is scarce. With beautiful music and nuanced imagery, the film follows Ava as she uncovers the truth about the Earth’s climate and a corrupt agenda indoctrinating the pole’s civilization. Produced in collaboration between Nicolas Neubert (@iamneubert) and Alex Patrascu (@maxescu) for Runway’s GEN:48 competition, the film showcases the creative prowess of its makers, who had just 48 hours to ideate and execute this compelling 1-4 minute piece.

Martin Hearlin

Martin Haerlin, a seasoned director, has been shooting commercials since 2007 for prestigious brands such as Mercedes Benz and Coca Cola. With a wealth of experience in high-profile advertising, he has recently shifted his focus towards incorporating Artificial Intelligence into his projects, exploring the innovative intersection of technology and creative storytelling.

His AI powered commercials for BMW and Mercedes show how this technology could impact the advertising industry.

Carlo De Togni & Elena Sparacino

“The Dawn of Creation,” an animated short film by Carlo De Togni and Elena Sparacino, offers a visually engaging experience with its series of illustrative, almost painterly images. Presented with subtitles, the film explores existential questions about the universe and our place in it, using this theme to narrate the story of the universe’s beginnings. The natural human voices add a relatable touch, enhancing the film’s contemplative nature. The film is a commendable effort that earned recognition as a winning submission to the AIFF.

Alex Patrascu (Max)

Alex Patrascu (Max) is a director and Creative AI Expert on a mission to create a full-length movie entirely with AI.

“AI Norway” is an impressive AI-generated tribute to the stunning landscapes of Norway, showcasing remarkable photorealism. The project features convincingly realistic depictions of Norway’s natural beauty, highlighting the potential of AI in creating visually stunning content. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more content of this caliber with a focus on beautiful places that are expensive to get to.

Milan Cucuk

Milan Cucuk’s “AI Movie Trailer: 1,000 Miles” captivates with a strong script and equally impressive soundtrack and sound design. The plot centres on Axel, a down-and-out dump truck driver, who is recruited to clear space junk in low orbit to prevent it from blocking out the sun. When Axel receives a distress call from a young girl in deep space, his boss orders him to ignore it. Defying protocol, Axel hijacks a spaceship and embarks on a daring solo mission to rescue her.

Reagan Maconi

Reagan Maconi, a director passionate about generative AI, sees it as the most significant technological revolution since the iPhone.

“I’ll Be Home,” is a beautifully rendered short film accompanied by touching music, created with the goal of reminding audiences to remember the soldiers and those who won’t be home this Christmas. The film’s poignant visuals and evocative soundtrack combine to deliver a powerful message of reflection and gratitude during the holiday season.

Rufus Dye-Montefiore, Luke Dye-Montefiore & Alice Boyd

“Separation,” directed by Rufus Dye-Montefiore, Luke Dye-Montefiore, and Alice Boyd, is an animated musical journey that diverges from the typical AI film, leaning more towards a traditional yet experimental animated style. The film features abstract shapes that syncopate with the music, enhancing its narrative. It tells the enigmatic story of a mysterious creature, blending visually striking animation with a compelling musical score to create a unique and immersive experience.

Ryan Phillips (Uncanny Harry)

Ryan Phillips, known as Uncanny Harry, is a director whose storytelling journey began under the mentorship of the legendary Ken Russell. Through this tutelage, he mastered the art of crafting compelling narratives, which laid the foundation for his career as a short filmmaker.

“The Cold Call,” is a gangster short film featuring brilliant dialogue that captivates from start to finish. The story follows two hitmen whose fates intertwine in an unexpected twist, delivering a gripping and cleverly crafted narrative. Phillips’ deft use of AI technology enhances the film’s atmosphere, making “The Cold Call” a standout piece in the genre of AI crime thrillers.

The Reel Robot

“Missing Parts,” an AI-generated short film by The Reel Robot, is a visual and technical masterpiece. Despite its brief duration of only one minute, the film features stunning visuals and has has garnered significant acclaim, winning Best Experimental at the WCIFF in September 2023 and the Indie House Film Festival on October 31, 2023.

The story follows a dedicated robotics engineer who pours her heart into creating a lifelike robotic dog. As the robotic canine evolves, the film reveals the hidden motivations driving her passion, adding depth to the narrative.

Mauricio Tonon

Mauricio Tono: The First AI Christmas” is a heartwarming film created for the @curiousrefuge AI Holidays competition. This lovable Christmas story brings a unique twist to the holiday genre.

YZA Voku

“LAPSE,” directed by YZA Voku, is a haunting black-and-white AI film that captures a deeply poetic essence. Its evocative imagery and minimalist aesthetic create a powerful, introspective experience that lingers in the viewer’s mind long after the film ends.

Saadettin Konukseven

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon,” Saadettin Konukseven has crafted an animated music video for “Any Colour You Like” as part of a competition. The filmmaker aimed to create a vibrant yet tranquil animation, utilizing Midjourney to design the scenes and Runway to bring each scene to life. The result is a visually stunning tribute that captures the psychedelic essence of the original album while offering a soothing visual experience.

Aze Alter

Aze Alter, one of the best AI filmmakers today, presents “Capitol of Conformity,” a technically brilliant and haunting film depicting a dystopian future. In this retro-futuristic metropolis, all troubles vanish, but the price for unending joy is higher than expected. Alter masterfully uses advanced AI techniques and creative storytelling to explore a society where the pursuit of happiness comes with hidden costs.

The film invites viewers to a world where the allure of a trouble-free existence hides a more sinister reality. Alter’s meticulous attention to detail brings this dystopian vision to life, highlighting the stark consequences of societal conformity. “Capitol of Conformity” is a visually stunning and thought-provoking exploration of freedom, control, and the true cost of happiness, solidifying Alter’s reputation as a visionary AI filmmaker.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.


The AI-powered mashups created by Demonflyingfox imaginatively blend classic 1950’s Super Panavision 70 cinematic style with contemporary pop culture, transforming modern characters from franchises like “Harry Potter,” “Friends,” and “The Incredibles” into vintage, cinematic scenarios. These mashups are characterized by their distinctive color palette, lighting, and film grain, and often have a humorous or surreal twist, such as “Harry Potter but in Miami” or “Harry Potter and the Vietnam War.”

T2 Remake Team

The T2 Remake Team is made up of fifty of the top artists in the AI space. They have come together to create “Our T2 Remake,” a feature-length parody of the classic film “Terminator 2.” The remake offers a fresh take on the beloved original, infused with sharp commentary and satire about modern-day AI technology and its effects on humanity. By combining cutting-edge AI techniques with innovative storytelling, “Our T2 Remake” challenges traditional filmmaking conventions and provides a thought-provoking exploration of AI’s role in the future of entertainment.

Dustin Hollywood

Directed and written by Dustin Hollywood for the RunwayML GEN:48 Competition, “The Last Artist” (2024) is a visually stunning AI film that masterfully combines cinematic techniques and technically skilled futuristic landscapes reminiscent of a music video. Set on a terraformed Mars, the film tells the poignant story of the last human artist grappling with obsolescence in the face of advancing technology. Against the backdrop of TETRA, the capital city, this stirring odyssey follows the artist’s quest to leave a lasting legacy, exploring themes of creativity, survival, and the human spirit in a world dominated by steel and innovation.

Rene Süss

Dreambeam, founded by Rene Suss, is an independent creative boutique and production company that transforms innovative ideas into engaging brand experiences. In “Be Yourself,” Suss crafts a visually compelling film that encourages viewers to embrace their true selves in the digital age.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Kavan Cardoza

Kavan Cardoza created this video project inspired by his favorite childhood game, Street Fighter 2. His goal was to bring the game’s iconic characters and locations to life. He aimed to elevate the characters cinematically while staying true to the game’s details.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Aashay Singh

Aashay Singh’s, “High Fashion AD” is an AI film that incorporates a retro feel, blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary high fashion elements. This stylish project showcases Singh’s unique vision and creative prowess.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.


“Falling: An AI Short,” directed by PZF, is a moving and powerful film that captures the tension and uncertainty of a world on the brink of World War III. Utilizing advanced AI technology, PZF crafts a narrative that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, drawing viewers into a chilling and immersive experience. The film’s evocative imagery and poignant storytelling highlight the fragility of peace and the profound impact of looming global conflict.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Paul Trillo

Washed Out and music video director Paul Trillo recently released their latest work using OpenAI’s Sora. At four minutes and two seconds, the music video for the single “The Hardest Part” is currently the longest video created using the text-to-image model, exemplifying the AI-driven evolution of the music and film landscape. Washed Out is expected to return with his fourth album, “Notes from a Quiet Life,” on June 28th this year.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Samuel Mac

Samuel Mac, a Montreal-based writer, editor, and director, is renowned for his genre-defying short films and innovative projects that blend AI, storytelling, and fashion. His work transcends traditional boundaries, creating a unique fusion of technology and high fashion.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Abel Art

Abel Art’s film, “The Prometheus Expedition,” captivates audiences with its artful grainy, black-and-white aesthetic, evoking the feel of a classic historical documentary. The film’s clever use of translation and voice overlays adds to its immersive experience, demonstrating how AI can be effectively harnessed to tell both historical and fictional stories. The archival quality of the film lends it an air of authenticity, making the narrative more believable and engaging. The blend of vintage visuals and AI technology results in a compelling and fun-to-watch exploration of a fictional historical expedition.

One of the standout features of “The Prometheus Expedition” is its exceptionally well-executed interview scenes. These segments, combined with brilliant writing, provide depth and realism to the characters and the story.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Shelby Ward

Shelby Ward is the COO of Curious Refuge, the world’s first online home for AI filmmakers. With a career dedicated to artist education in motion design and VFX, Shelby has supported top-tier industry artists, including those at Disney and Netflix. A frequent voice on film industry panels, Shelby’s AI films have been screened globally, showcasing her innovative approach to filmmaking and her commitment to advancing the field.

Ward’s hilarious and informative film that tells the story behind Milli Vanilli is one of the most entertaining short films on the Internet.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Thibaud Zamora

Thibauld Zamora’s Oracle offers an engaging AI-powered Choose Your Own Adventure experience that intertwines destiny with a touch of magic.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Padphone Lee

“Golden Kingdom,” created by Padphone Lee, is a Hollywood-style action film entirely crafted by artificial intelligence, from the script to the audio and visuals. This groundbreaking project showcases the capabilities of AI in film production, delivering a high-octane narrative filled with thrilling sequences, compelling characters, and immersive soundscapes.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Oliver McCann

Oliver McCann‘s short film “Symbol II” is a moody and evocative journey that captivates viewers with its stunning visual imagery. The film masterfully combines dark, atmospheric tones with striking, surreal scenes, creating an immersive experience that resonates on an emotional level. Each frame is meticulously crafted, drawing the audience into a dreamlike world where symbolism and artistry intertwine.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Christian Beltrami

Christian Beltrami‘s AI film brilliantly captures lifelike and beautiful portraits of the people of a city, offering a poignant and reflective pause before the New Year. Entirely AI-generated, the film succeeds in creating remarkably realistic and evocative images that celebrate the diversity and spirit of urban life. Each portrait is infused with a sense of humanity and quiet contemplation, making the film a touching tribute to the moments of stillness and reflection that precede the whirlwind of a new year.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Brett Stuart

Brett Stuart‘s film “Sister of Battle” is an engaging foray into the Warhammer 40K universe, focusing on the Sisters of Battle. This fan-made short film follows Leora’s journey from a young aspirant to a devoted warrior of the Adepta Sororitas. Stuart’s dedication is evident, with over 60 hours invested in creating this animation, from storyboarding to final composition.

While AI introduces challenges in motion fluidity and image sharpness, Stuart’s work showcases the potential of these tools for future filmmaking.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.

Bill Maursky

Bill Maursky‘s AI film features a compelling montage of rich visuals and music. Utilizing advanced AI technology, Maursky blends striking imagery with an energetic soundtrack, creating an engaging experience.

Listed as one of Curious Refuge’s featured artists.



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