Michael Tippett

Michael Tippett is a 2 time Emmy nominee & has been a successful entrepreneur for almost two decades. He founded, managed  and sold a number of technology companies in New York and Vancouver.

Today he is working with the leadership team at Later.com and also advises universities and other technology companies.  In addition he provides commentary and analysis on the intersection of politics, technology and culture for a number of media outlets. You can contact him via email here.

Maximum Perception, The Film

“Maximum Perception,” a groundbreaking 10-minute experimental film by Michael Tippett, delves into the near future where AugMentor technology has revolutionized human perception. This innovative system, as explained by Dr. Mo Zhao, the lead researcher, seamlessly integrates generative AI with augmented reality to enhance human senses without the need for physical devices. By overlaying information and sensory data onto the real world, AugMentor promises an unparalleled depth of knowledge and understanding, transforming every interaction with the environment into an enriched, informed experience. The film explores the profound capabilities of this technology, from altering our grasp of history and reality to predicting future events with startling accuracy.

However, “Maximum Perception” ventures beyond technological marvels to confront the ethical and philosophical implications of such advancements. Through Dr. Zhao’s introspective narrative, the film raises critical questions about the nature of truth, the responsibility of wielding immense knowledge, and the impact of technology on human cognition and society. As it weaves through the potential of AugMentor to reshape our reality, the film invites viewers to reflect on the boundaries between augmentation and authenticity, challenging them to reconsider what it means to understand and interact with the world. Now available on YouTube, this film is a captivating exploration of the future of perception, knowledge, and the human experience.

Maximum Perception, The Film