Using AI to Recreate History, Personal or Otherwise

Film makers are starting to use generative AI to recreate historical accounts of past events. One of the most impressive is Somme Requiem. The film recounts the Christmas Day truce in 1914.

I grew up in Johannesburg as a kid but there are many things I remember that were not captured in photos let alone video. One thing I remember fondly is my Dad’s car. It was a yellow 3 series BMW. He tells me it was a lemon (fitting, given the color) but as a kid I thought it was really cool.

It tried using Midjourney and RunwayML to recreate images of it with some mixed results. I also tried to generate the blue Buick we had when we lived outside of Toronto. These examples are just personal ones but you can imagine creating historical scenes that could be used to tell more significant stories.

This is how Midjourney rendered Cape Town in the 1970’s.

And this was swimming at Muizenberg Beach in cape town in 1975