Exploring the Future of Warfare: An AI Film on the B-21 Stealth Bomber

Today I created an experimental AI film about the US Air Force’s B-21 Stealth Bomber. This project was driven by the latest news about the B-21’s recent test flight.

The goal was to see how quickly I could produce a film that reflects current events. In addition to the usual tools I also made use of some new ones. Results were mixed.

Idoegram was used to create the opening and closing credits. The tool’s ability to generate text animations resulted in amusing and creative credits.

For other animations, I turned to krea.ai, which provided a wild and imaginative portrayal of the B-21. These animations suggested that the plane possessed even more extraordinary superpowers, adding a layer of speculative fiction to the factual narrative.

Context and Significance

The timing of this project is particularly relevant. As the Chinese government engages in war games simulating a blockade around Taiwan, they are also using animations and other media to support a concurrent information war. It is only a matter of time before state actors employ more AI technology in their communication.

The film’s narration is based on publicly known facts about the B-21, ensuring the content appears informative and credible. By juxtaposing accurate narration with speculative visuals the film provides a window into what we will be seeing more of in the near future.

Scaling Information and Disinformation

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project was its efficiency. From concept to publication, the entire film took just over an hour to generate and release. This rapid turnaround underscores the potential of AI tools in the making of modern filmmaking, information and disinformation.