Using AI to Understand Art and Design History

One of the most useful and least discussed features of Midjourney is its ability to describe an image. You can upload any image and it will tell you what it is and decompose its elements. Its like having the world’s greatest art historian teaching you art history.

For example, Midjourney describes this image in the following way:

Fashion portrait photography, of an attractive blonde woman with short hair in red latex turtleneck and blue futuristic glasses on a solid color background, inspired by Vogue magazine cover.

Fashion portrait photography, retro futuristic female model with red and blue latex outfit and big plastic glasses in the style of Yves Saint Laurent photorealistic studio background.

Portrait of fashion blond supermodel in red latex outfit with blue futuristic glasses, high resolution photography, studio lighting, vibrant colorism, ultra realistic photography, cinematic lighting, high contrast between subject and background, hyper detailed.

Here’s an example of a specific drawing style.

According to Midjourney, this poster “depicts men fighting with weapons in ww ii war effort, in the style of light gray and red, 1900–1917, stencils, adafruit, bold lettering, anglocore, bold, black lines.”

And for the image below, Midjourney says, “robert dalkey usa by robert dalkey 1953 on a black background, in the style of american prints 1880–1950, chemical reactions, hannah hoch, airbrushing, depictions of labor, black and white imagery, herb trimpe.”



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