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New immigration rules are causing some of the most dynamic startups in the world to re-think where they house their current and future employees. TrueNorth is responding to this need and has emerged as a leading advocate for US firms who are looking for ways to ensure business continuity in the face of an uncertain immigration environment.

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New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick is strategically situated in Atlantic Canada. As the most central point between Europe and the Americas it has become a hub for IT companies servicing clients around the globe. Many of world’s most successful tech companies have discovered the significant value proposition that New Brunswick offers for their nearshore base of operations.

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Tech start-ups upset about Trump are turning to Canada


Uncertainty over the Trump administration’s immigration policy and travel ban has technology start-ups increasingly looking to Canada.


How Canada is trying to capitalize on Trump’s immigration executive order


SAN FRANCISCO — Vancouver long has sought a share of Silicon Valley’s magic. With President Trump moving to curb immigration and the U.S. tech industry in open revolt, the friendly, functional Canadian city may finally get its wish.

Fears of tough US immigration reforms drive tech sector towards more liberal Canada


The quaint cobblestone streets of the historic Gastown district of Vancouver belie its status as a fast-growing technology hub.

B.C. tech sector to get surge of talent fleeing Silicon Valley

British Columbia’s burgeoning tech sector is set to get a big boost from entrepreneurs and their employees fleeing Silicon Valley to dodge U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, industry insiders say.

Silicon Valley is making plans to move foreign-born workers to Canada


For many U.S. startups and their foreign-born employees, a kind of back-up plan may be starting to sound like a good idea right about now.


Silicon Valley firms could start protecting immigrant employees by moving them to Canada


If the talent can’t stay in the US, Silicon Valley has a backup option: Create a safe haven up north.

Featured Partner:

The Health & Technology District

The Health and Technology District is one of BC’s fastest growing and dynamic health tech centres located in Surrey’s emerging innovation ecosystem. The District includes a series of high-tech buildings located and under expansion, immediately adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital.

 Attention: US Firms With Non-US Employees and H-1B Holders

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TrueNorth was founded by serial technology entrepreneurs from Vancouver and Silicon Valley including Michael Tippett, Scott Rafer, Christian Gammill and Kirsten Spoljaric.