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Michael Tippett

email: mike+site@tippett.org

🏆 Emmy-Nominated Entrepreneur | Strategic Advisor | Technology Evangelist

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and Emmy-nominated professional with nearly two decades of success in the technology industry. Throughout my career, I have founded, managed, and sold multiple technology companies in both New York and Vancouver.

💼 Currently: VP, Corporate Development and Business Development at Later.com | Strategic Advisor to Technology Companies and Universities | Media Commentator

At Later.com, a leading social media management platform, I serve as VP of Corporate Development and Business Development, driving strategic partnerships and fostering growth. In addition to my role at Later.com, I provide valuable advisory services to technology companies and universities, helping them navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. I am also a sought-after commentator, sharing my insights on the dynamic convergence of politics, technology, and culture with various media outlets.

🌟 Key Highlights:

🚀 Founded and sold NowPublic, a highly acclaimed technology platform recognized by The Guardian and Time magazine as one of the most useful new sites on the web and one of the Top 50 Websites for 2007.
🎯 Led GrowLab in 2011, a renowned startup accelerator, nurturing and empowering emerging entrepreneurs.
💡 Directed Hootsuite Labs for two years, spearheading the development of innovative products and solutions as Director, New Products at Hootsuite.
🔑 Provided strategic guidance to numerous technology companies in the US and Canada, helping them achieve remarkable growth and success.

💼 Industry Involvement:

📚 Member of the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism Advisory Board, contributing insights to shape the future of media education.
🎓 Capilano University, Bachelor of Professional Communication Advisory Committee, leveraging expertise to guide curriculum development and prepare students for success.

🎓 Education:

🎓 Graduated summa cum laude from Queen’s University, holding a degree in Philosophy, which sharpened my analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.
📽️ Attended The Vancouver Film School, expanding my creative horizons and exploring the power of visual storytelling.

🌟 Specialties:

💡 Startups | Digital Media | Consumer Internet | SaaS | Social Media | Enterprise