AI on the Lot

Over over 800 innovators, artists, and professionals in the AI space gathered last week in Los Angeles to explore the ways in which AI and film will intersect in the future. Here is a write up of the event. Some of the more notable attendees included:

Kathryn Brillhart

Kathryn Brillhart is a Cinematographer, Director, and Producer specializing in virtual production. She leverages volumetric capture and real-time game engine techniques to achieve in-camera visual effects. Brillhart has worked on high-profile projects like Warner Bros’ “Black Adam” (2022), Netflix’s “Rebel Moon” (2023), and Amazon Studios’ “Fallout” (2023). She is also an advocate for diversity in the film industry and serves on the Global Board of Directors for the Visual Effects Society.

Chris Chynoweth

Chris Chynoweth is a Senior Associate at Cooley LLP, a law firm known for its work with technology and high-growth companies. His role involves providing legal advice and services to startups and established companies in various industries, including media, entertainment, and technology.

Justin Diener

Justin Diener is the CEO of Synapse Virtual Production, a company specializing in the integration of advanced virtual production techniques in filmmaking. His leadership in this area helps streamline production workflows and enhances the visual storytelling process.

James Myrick

James Myrick is associated with BENlabs, a company that specializes in influencer marketing, brand integrations, and AI-driven content strategies. BENlabs works with various industries to optimize marketing campaigns and content creation using advanced technology.

Joanna Popper

Joanna Popper is a media executive at XYZ. She has a significant background in virtual reality, immersive media, and digital content production. Her expertise spans across strategic development and execution of innovative media solutions.

Morgan Prygrocki

Morgan Prygrocki is a Senior Strategic Development Manager at Adobe. In this role, she focuses on developing strategic partnerships and initiatives that drive the adoption and integration of Adobe’s creative software and solutions in various industries, including media and entertainment.

Katja Reitemeyer

Katja Reitemeyer is the Director of Data Science & AI for Media & Entertainment at NVIDIA. She leads initiatives that apply data science and artificial intelligence to enhance media and entertainment production, leveraging NVIDIA’s advanced computing technologies.

Edward Saatchi

Edward Saatchi is the CEO of Simulation AI, a company known for its groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence and virtual characters. He has a strong focus on creating AI-driven content and tools that innovate the traditional media landscape.

Greg Shiff

Greg Shiff is a Principal Solutions Architect for Media & Entertainment at Dell. He specializes in designing and implementing technology solutions that support the media and entertainment industry, optimizing workflows, and enhancing production capabilities.

David Slade

David Slade is a Director known for his work on projects like “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” which was acclaimed for its interactive storytelling format. Slade’s work often explores innovative narrative structures and cutting-edge production techniques.

Ed Ulbrich

Ed Ulbrich is the Chief Content Officer at, a company at the forefront of AI-driven content creation. Ulbrich’s role involves overseeing content strategy and production, focusing on leveraging AI to create new forms of media experiences.

Nick Venezia

Nick Venezia is the Founder of, a company that specializes in AI solutions. His work involves developing AI technologies that enhance various aspects of media production and business operations.

Andrew Wallenstein

Andrew Wallenstein is the Chief Media Analyst and President of Variety Intelligence Platform at Variety. He provides in-depth analysis and insights into the media industry, helping professionals navigate trends and market dynamics.

Parth Patil

Parth Patil is an AI Specialist at the Office of Reid Hoffman. He focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence to drive innovation and strategic initiatives, contributing to the development of advanced AI applications.